Other Miscellaneous Facilities


Olericulture and Pomology:

Olericulture is defined as the production of vegetables and Pomology is the production of fruits. Our college has vast lands where we grow our own vegetables and fruits which are used for our preparing food for hostellers and the canteen.

Horticulture photo gallery

Medical Facilities

An In-house clinic is provided within the campus staffed by a highly qualified doctor, assisted with experienced nurses.


Our campus is guarded 24 hours, seven day a week by 14 security guards who are led by 2 security in-charges.


Our college provides an ATM for all students in the college campus. The ATM will be starting in the next academic year which can be used by hostellers as well as day students.


Bus service is provided for the students residing in Cuddapah and Rayachoti town also covering the nearby areas.